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Single Light Portrait Ideas

Let’s admit it; it is intimidating as a beginner to learn how to and also access good lighting for your videos. If you are starting on video production, making sure that your video shoot is fully lighted is tricky.

The way we perceive light is so different from the way a camera perceives light. A camera lens needs more light to help you produce quality. However, you don’t just need light; you need the right light direction.

If you have never invested your time and money into lighting, you need to start planning. The good news is that you can invest your time learning about lighting, and we are here to provide you with the correct information.

What are the Causes of Having Single Lighting

One of the major reasons you may be forced to have single lighting in your videos is budget. Having different lighting sources may cost you some money, so single lighting will still work if you cannot afford to have multiple lighting.

Another cause is space. When you have minimal spacing where you are having your video shoots, you might be forced to go for single lighting.

Single lighting works fine, especially if you know how to play around with it and make it enough for your video shooting. Below are some tips you can use to help with single lighting in your videos.

The 45-degree Angle

First, find your key light and position your light in front of and just above your subject. This will bring some good shadows of the face of the subject. This will also bring some good texture and drama over the subject.

Also, make sure that the light you will be using is strong enough. With single lighting a video shoot, you need to have a strong light so that you can play around with it. After determining if the light you are using is strong enough, try to control the quality of the light. To soften, some people prefer adding some diffusion in front of the source of light you are using.

Side lighting

This is also another technique that you can use for better lighting in your video shoot. Instead of having your subject looking directly at the light, you can have them have their bodies face the light while they look at the camera.

Sidelights with a softbox allow you to have a different kind of shadow upon your subject.

Clam Shell Lighting

Clamshell lighting is especially great for tutorial videos where you need all the parts of your subjects facing enough light. The technique involves having the softbox over your subject and having a reflector just beneath them.

The softbox shines the light on top of your subject’s face, which has some shadow on your chin. Because you have to get rid of the shadows, the reflector below your subject’s face will bounce back the light back to your subject’s chin and other undelighted parts of their face.

This technique allows an excellent job of lighting the face. That is why we saw it fit for when you are doing a tutorial video shoot.