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Where a blog is going

So, just three months into this blogging journey, where are things? Well, my photo studio business is doing really well. The prophotolife videos are continuing to draw in viewers and people are asking my business partner, Bob, and me about doing workshops or seminars on everything from studio lighting to color management. So that means I’m trying to find a balance for everything, trying to figure out just what I’ve created and where I want prophotolife to head. Running a photo website, I’m finding out, creates new opportunities. But running a photo website can also leave little-to-no time to pursue those new opportunities. The most important thing for me is sharing information about photography and occasionally adding some different things to the “mix”.

Noah Hutson made the trip down from Columbus to join the studio get-together the other night. He talked about how a discussion forum would help the site and I agreed that it’s worth a try. So many great threads get started in the post comments but it’s hard to share links to other resources and dash in and out quickly. A forum is a more nimble beast where we (photographers with common interests) can quickly share projects we’re working on, photos, insights and links to other blogs and websites. It also provides me (and you, and you…) a way to interject a thought quickly, something I feel is missing from the blog format. Can the world support another discussion forum? Let’s give it a try and find out here on the prophotolife Flickr forum. If you have a Flickr membership I hope you’ll take a moment to join the group and maybe start a discussion or contribute to one.

This past Tuesday’s get-together also helped me realized that I’d like a chance to meet more readers and fellow photographers. That means exploring some of the workshop / seminar ideas ideas that have been mentioned. There’s nothing like working with someone one on one and seeing that little (strobe) light bulb go off the moment they “get it”. It would be fun to try and organize a workshop or two at the studio this summer if there‘s interest.

And then, of course, there’s Daylight Photo. None of this would be possible if it weren’t for the photo studio. We’re planning a new promotional campaign this summer and intend to bring the prophotolife video camera along for documentation. That should make for at least a couple of fun, educational videos.

Hmmm, what have I left out? Oh, yeah, there’s a blog to operate, too! The videos are going strong and there’s a new instructional video every Monday, as you probably know. There’s also the “quick video” post that has been really well received. I’d also like to take a little time this summer to reorganize the information on the site.

Despite a busy summer ahead, I plan to maintain the same posting schedule here at prophotolife, on the same topics, but with one little change. One day a week I’d like to kick back just a bit and point to another helpful resource somewhere on the internet, rather than writing one of my typical, lengthy blog posts. This provides a chance for me to dig around for additional perspectives on the topics we discuss and to recognize more of the helpful information that’s already out there. I don’t want to be so busy doing my own thing that I lose sight of all the other existing resources that are relevant to the topics we discuss. For example, there have been questions recently about posing for portraits and The Digital Photography School has some really nice posts on the subject. That’s the kind of relevant information that deserves a bit more of a spotlight.

So that’s it from here in Cincinnati. It’s been a great first three months for prophotolife and I look forward to seeing what the next quarter brings. Thanks always for reading and being a part of prophotolife.com!

- Jim T.