Photo Tips Videos

Over 30 videos in all, these videos cover portrait photography and studio lighting techniques using simple equipment. You’ll also find an introduction to bird photography and a video on building a pinhole camera.

Episode 1

DIY studio product lighting

Episode 2

DIY studio lighting for glassware

Episode 3

Tour my photo studio

Episode 4

DIY studio lighting for larger products

Episode 5

Getting better exposures – understanding histograms

Episode 6

DIY studio product lighting advanced tricks

Episode 7

Grip kit - what photographers take on location

Episode 8

Building a 35mm pinhole camera

Episode 9

Studio equipment guide, part 1 of 2

Episode 10

Studio equipment guide, part 2 of 2

Episode 11

Bird photography 101

Episode 12

Quality of light

Recommended Reading
Episode 13

Beautiful studio portraits with just one light

Quick video 1

Easy softbox assembly

Episode 14

The classic three light studio portrait

Quick video 2

Umbrella or softbox?

Episode 15

Photographing shiny metal and reflections

Episode 16

Tips for a photography print portfolio

Episode 17

A review of studio photography tips and tricks

Quick video 3

Big white infinity sweep in the studio

Episode 18

Tabletop photography all done with mirrors

Episode19  - The mysterious missing episode

Episode 20

How to develop your own black and white film

Episode 21

Small product problem solving

Episode 22

Photographing a ’57 Chevy in the studio

Episode 23

Tripods, from mini to mighty

Quick video 4

Macro photography trick

Episode 24

Location photography gear

Episode 25

Outdoor portraits, part 1 of 3

Episode 26

Outdoor portraits, part 2 of 3

Episode 27

Outdoor portraits, part 3 of 3

Episode 28

Intro to color management

Episode 29

Computer tethered photo capture

Episode 30

Photo montage technique for beginners

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