video episode 26, outdoor portrait photography tips #2

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Today’s video is a direct continuation of last week’s video episode 25, outdoor portrait photography tips #1. In this video we look a bit more at the approach to portraits and attention to details.

These images were shot wide open at f4 on the relatively affordable Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 L USM Lens with the 5D. Shutter speed was around 1/80 of a sec at ISO 100 so a tripod was called in to duty.

White balance was set to daylight and I planned to do an overall RAW batch color correction in post, bringing up shadows and warming things up a bit. The very final image (using the white reflector to bounce back light from the gold reflector) was nice and warm, right where I wanted it, so these images are left uncorrected so you can see the difference in the progression. The legs on the reflector set allow it to be set up horizontally, also, as you can see in the video (once again, the Calumet 42×78″ Aluminum Frame with Translucent Fabric and Leg Set).

Some photographers may want to shoot a gray card in this setting and use it to balance overall color in post-production. That’s perfectly fine and on a commercial shoot where clothing color might be critical I would do that. For portraits I’m aiming for color that is aesthetically pleasing (warmer than neutral), not perfectly color-accurate, so I didn’t bring out the gray card.

Next week: outdoor portrait photography tips #3…