video: episode 24, location digital photography gear

I’m gearing up for next week, when we’ll be shooting some new location portraiture videos for prophotolife (so stay tuned). In advance I wanted to cover some of the equipment we’ll be using, hence this video showing our DIY location computer stand, large diffusion / reflector frames and a very cool new toy, a portable, battery operated studio light. And here’s a correction: in the video I say the battery pack gives over 200 flashes when fully charged, they actually claim over 500 full power flashes with this strobe when fully charged. That’s a lot of juice. Equipment links below the video.

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Here are the equipment links for specs / features and a reminder that Daylight Photo is still my day job, but every little purchase helps support prophotolife when you Shop Calumet Photographic – It’s Where the Pros Go.

42×78 Aluminum Frame and Three-Fabric Panel Kit
includes the frame, a set of legs and three different fabric panels.

Travelite 125 Travel Pak Kit is packaged as a kit with strobe, reflector, battery, charger, light stand, carrying case and cords, a big savings over purchasing the items separately.

I’m initially very impressed with this strobe and battery pack solution. There are more expensive options that are, to be honest, out of the price range of what I wanted to pay. I own a different brand studio strobe and their battery setup and was never fully pleased with the performance. We’ll be putting it to the test next week!