video: episode 23 , tripod talk – from mini to mighty

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Monopro 9' Column With Geared Arm

Since starting I’ve been paying extra attention to questions visitors ask when in the studio. There are a surprising number of inquiries about the big (at least) 100 pound camera stands we use. The stands certainly never leave the studio but we use them on an almost daily basis so I thought it was time to give them a look in a video.

I’ve also noticed that clients seem to marvel at the ways we end up twisted in a corner on location, with our tripods splayed out in order to fit a tiny space. The Bogen tripod I use in the video has now been updated and (as near as I can tell) the current equivalent available from site supporter Calumet Photo¬† is the Manfrotto 055XB with the 808RC4 Three Way Head With Quick Release.

A little mini tripod and a creative use was also thrown in, just in case you carry around a point-n-shoot, like I do. Maybe you’ll use the tip or maybe it will prompt you to use your full-sized tripod in some other, creative way. And we haven’t even gotten into how you can clamp tripod heads to ladders, beams and moving vehicles!