video: episode 21, small product photography tips

What do all successful photographers have in common? They’re problem solvers. When faced with a challenge they conjure up solutions, using experience and creative thought as a guide. Whether it’s a photojournalist seeking access to a story, a portrait photographer with a difficult client or a commercial shooter with a troublesome product, they all face challenges head on and deliver the goods.

Back in the hills we used to say “there’s more than one way to skin a cat”. That just means there’s more than one solution to a challenge. Today’s video uses a simple setup to illustrate one situation with three possible solutions. Yes, sometimes there are alternatives to “just fixing it in Photoshop”. :)

Speaking of problem solving, today’s video is being served up by a new host: Vimeo. Let me know what you think. The video is larger and of higher quality so I’m very pleased. There have been increasing difficulties with YouTube so I hope this works out to be a better solution.

A gallery of still images from this video may be viewed here.

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