video : episode 15 , studio lighting basics for shiny metal and reflections

There are a couple of ways to improve your photo studio lighting. You can buy a book (or watch a video, or read a website) that shows you exactly where and how to set up studio lighting. That’s a necessary part of the process and will definitely make you a better photographer. But to really master lighting, you need to understand how light works. My challenge in this video was introducing an intimidating sounding concept: the law of reflection. But, as you’ll see, once you understand this concept you’re a step closer to really taking control of your photographic lighting.

And big thanks for the video opening and closing go to members of the Ohio Valley Camera Club, David and LaDawn Ziser, elzora, Noah H., Jason P. and the one person I probably forgot and hope will forgive me!

Subscribers view video here:

The webgallery of still images from the shoot may be viewed here (do you see the banding in the background gradations? this looks like a job for 16 bit!)

The background light was a Genesis 400 strobe unit with a grid spot. The main light was the Calumet Genesis 200 1-Light Kit (minus the umbrella).