video: episode 14, digital portrait photography with three lights

Last week we looked at creating portraits with just one light. This week’s video is a natural progression, building upon the foundation of one light portraits. Adding additional lights should serve a purpose and here they help add greater detail and dimension, as explained in the video. There’s also a web gallery of the still photos that helps show the progression.

The most obvious purpose of this video is to further explain portrait and glamour photography lighting. I hope, though, that the video also helps increase your awareness of how light affects a subject, whether you’re shooting with natural light or lighting you’ve created yourself. Once you understand the principles of lighting they can be applied to many different situations.

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As for equipment shown, the “flip reflector” (slang) I referred to is officially called the 42″ (107cm) Translucent White ZipDisc with Cover. And once again, the lighting was built around the Genesis 200 1-Light Kit, only this time multiplied.

And it’s hard for me to believe, but I was just reminded that this is the 15th original video posted here on Even though we’re talking about using three lights today the exact same principles apply as in the very first stick-in-a-can video…light is light, no matter where it comes from. All of the videos (from day one) are easily referenced in the video library, so if there’s something here on the site that can help a fellow photographer, I hope you won’t hesitate to let them know about