video: episode 12 , quality of light in the digital photography studio

In this video we’ll look at how different sized light sources affect the quality of light (hard and soft light) obtained in a studio setting. Understanding these basic principles lays the groundwork for learning to control your main light source. To keep things simple and accessible we’ll be using an inexpensive (but very nice quality) lighting kit (the Genesis 200 1-Light Kit from Calumet) that was purchased complete with stand, strobe, reflector, umbrella and cords for $170 (normally priced at $270).

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I’m experimenting with more efficient ways to display the photos used in the videos (creating thumbnails and links within these WordPress pages is pretty tedious and time consuming). While this is just a start and needs some work and refinement, here’s a link to the photos used. Thanks for your patience, I’ll be refining and working on this particular gallery through the week as time allows. Soon it will be easier to use and with more useful information. Gotta start somewhere.

Studio strobe kit info
I’m really impressed with the value of the lighting kit. For the person wanting to play with studio lighting, the cost of entry has never been this low. Support for the product should be very good, also, since Calumet has 10 locations in the U.S. and 19 locations in the U.K., Germany and the Netherlands ( Shop Calumet Photographic – It’s Where the Pros Go ).

All of the components appear to be well made and durable. Even though the Genesis 200 is the lowest powered, entry-level unit, it has features not found on more expensive units: digital power settings, built-in slave unit (with adjustable sensitivity) and a built-in cooling fan (pretty much unheard of at this price). There’s also a more powerful strobe (Genesis 400) available for future growth. Here’s how Calumet lists the one light kit:

Genesis 200 1-Light Kit Genesis 200 1-Light Kit

Kit Includes: Genesis 200 Head, 10′ Light Stand, and 45″ White Umbrella with Removable Black Cover. Enter the world of studio lighting with these extremely affordable, and yet sophisticated self-contained flash units. The Genesis 200w/s monolight provides you with all the power and lighting control that you will need to create professional-looking portraits and great still-life tabletop photographs. They will provide you with recycling times as low as one second. The Genesis flash units 5-volt sync voltage is even safe for todays digital cameras. Flash operation has never been easier. The convenient rear control panel of each Genesis puts their full range of flash controls at your finger tips. Each model features digital, variable flash-output controls that allow you to adjust power levels over a 5-stop range. You can switch from full to proportional modeling with the press of a button. A built-in optical photo cell provides wireless flash syncronization and it is adjustable to increase or decrease sensitivity, depending upon the environment you are working in. An audible flash-ready alarm lets you know when your Genesis is fully charged and ready to go. (Compatible with Elinchrom Speedrings.)