video: episode 11 , nature photography tips for birds

My friend and fellow photographer, Tom Uhlman, is an accomplished nature and sports photographer. I was only able to spend a few hours with Tom in his backyard one morning but I learned a whole lot about photographing birds.

Tom explains it in a way that makes me feel like I can head out into my own backyard and start making nice bird photos right away. Here is our conversation, preserved on video:

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Tom has a great love for all animals and stresses being considerate to the animals you’re photographing. One of the techniques used in the video, playing a recorded bird call, is something he says should be used minimally, so that the birds aren’t unduly distracted from protecting their territory and feeding their young.

View more of Tom’s stock bird photography on Alamy or search his other nature photographs. He and his wife, Mary Kay Carson, work as a writer / photographer team on educational children’s books. This might also be the incentive Tom needs to update his website (how about it, Tom?).

He also recommends Arthur Morris’s Birds as Art as the authority for additional learning.