Logos for photographers – The Logo Company review

large prophotolife logo

What does a custom logo design for your photography business cost? With The Logo Company you’ll find high quality and surprisingly affordable logo design services (Logo Design Just $149).

An earlier prophotolife post discussed why you should design a custom logo for you and your photo business. Whether you have a full-time business or a part-time photo blog, a well designed logo conveys professionalism and sets you apart from the masses. I’m really happy with the prophotolife logo, which was designed by one of this site’s affiliates: The Logo Company. When I’m pleased with a product or service I like to let people know about it.

With a number of options available for logo design, how did I choose to use an online service? There were a few options available. I could ask one of my friends in design to do it, they would probably do it for free or as a trade of services. But, to be honest, they’re all pretty busy and this would just add to their pile.

I could try to find a student designer, it’s great to support students. Trying to work through this with someone less experienced would probably add to my pile, though. I just wanted it to be relatively quick and easy.

Then there was The Logo Company, who reported to be affordable, easy to work with and fast. When I first saw their claims of designing a logo for $149 with multiple design choices and a quick turnaround, it sounded ideal for what I needed. So I checked out their website for samples and was impressed with the diversity and quality. The many positive testimonials on their site also backed up their claims.

The order and fulfillment process was simple. I filled out an online questionnaire about the blog and shared basic design ideas and my preferred colors. Then, as just another customer, I paid them my $149 before logging off (in the spirit of full disclosure, since they are a sponsor of this site a percentage of that will be paid back to this website at some point). In three days they promised to email a minimum of three company logo design ideas to choose from. To my surprise I received eight(!) different design choices via email on the third day:

prophotolife logo choices

I immediately responded to the far right logo on the top row. The mouse and film strip icon pulled together modern and conventional photo and computer technologies…it just said “photo blog”. Plus the text was modern, clean and easy to read, things I had requested. The color did need a little adjustment, I felt, so the logo was sent back and in three days another version was sent for my approval. It was right on.

Later that day the finished design was delivered as a zip file in eight file formats for various uses. They ranged from a large tiff RGB file to CMYK eps to a variety of png and jpg sizes for the web. There was even a file with a transparent background and one already converted to grayscale. While I can resize images if I want, it’s been nice to just pluck one from the folder for whatever use is needed. For the average consumer without graphics capabilities this greatly simplifies things.

Custom logo design

It should be obvious I’m happy with the logo, I feel it’s professional and says just what I had hoped. The experience was also just as promised: affordable, quick and easy. And, because they want customer satisfaction, there’s even a money back guarantee.

If it’s time for you to upgrade your professionalism and image with a new logo design, I hope you’ll take a closer look at the offerings available from The Logo Company. As mentioned earlier, they are a sponsor of this website and accessing them through the banner at left will benefit prophotolife, as well. Any revenue generated by our affiliates helps keep the blog online…

- Jim T.