quick video 3: studio setup for a large white background

Today “the look” in advertising and editorial work is often a clean white background. At Daylight Photo we’ve set up a semi-permanent large white sweep for just these jobs. White seamless paper was too temporary a solution and a permanent cyc wall (cyclorama) would be too costly for what we needed. We ended up going with a 10 foot wide roll of discounted vinyl flooring that we’ve flipped upside down and painted white. It’s proven cost-effective and durable.

As for lighting, well, this isn’t one of those cases where we pull out a household bulb and a stick-in-a-can. While I like to show how simply things can be done, sometimes a little extra horsepower helps out. This set has 6000 watt seconds of power available through 1 main light and 3 background lights. This allows us to shoot groups and have plenty of depth of field for moving subjects. This set is designed so that once the subject steps on it we can start shooting.

While you may never set something up with this much light power, I thought you might find it interesting…

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