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Are you considering a new blog for your photography business? The best solution I’ve seen for portrait and wedding photographers comes from the folks at Pro Photo Blogs (a site sponsor of – but not directly related to – pro photo life). Take a look at this video to see a tour of features:

Pro Photo Blogs offer an extensive set of style options (templates), the user interface is easy for beginners to grasp, and it’s all based on the popular WordPress blogging platform, which is optimized so that customers can find your photos more readily on Google and the other search engines. Not only do they make it easy to get started but, because the technology is state of the art, it’s a blog that you’ll never outgrow. This all makes it a good investment at the one-time $199 ¬†fee for the “Do-It-Yourself Installation” package (plus you can save $10 by using this link.

If you don’t currently have your own domain name (url) and web hosting, then those will cost extra, but Pro Photo Blogs can walk you through everything you’ll need. Their “Handheld Package” is available for photographers who want them to take care of all the little installation details.

If you’re in the market for a photo blog you’ll want to check out the offerings from Pro Photo Blogs. In just a few years they’ve become the primary blog template choice of portrait and wedding photographers.

>>Save $10 on a Pro Photo Blog by using this link<<

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