pinhole camera for trade (seriously)

Remember the pinhole camera from video episode 8? Of all the many videos and posts here on prophotolife, “how to build a 35mm pinhole camera” provides one of the steadiest streams of search traffic. In the past couple months I’ve moved the camera from desk to desk, taken it home and brought it back to the studio and forgotten it in my truck for at least a week or so.

Well, it’s time the pinhole camera found a real home. At first I thought it might be funny to put it on eBay, just to see if the $10 spent on parts could be recovered. Then I was inspired by the One Red Paperclip guy. Ever heard of him? He started with one red paperclip and traded it away for something better, eventually trading his way up to a house, fourteen trades later.

That could be fun, I thought. How about trading away the pinhole camera for something else photographic, seeing what could eventually be worked up to? Where would it end: a disposable camera, a Kodak Brownie, a Digital SLR? Would I even get one offer? You never know until you try.

pinhole camera

So does anyone have something photo related they‘d like to trade for a like new, handmade pinhole camera, the star of video episode 8? No limitations, all offers (if any are made) will be entertained. It even comes complete with custom tripod mount (that would be the rubber bands in the photo)…

- Jim T.