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As we were packing for location photography this week I thought it might be interesting to show an overall of just what we take along on the average location photo shoot. This is our “medium” location kit, sometimes we pack less, sometimes we take the whole studio. Most of our location jobs (probably 75%) fall around this “medium” category.

It’s important to have everything we may need and then a backup for each item in case something goes down. It’s also nice to have the extra equipment in case we decide to get two shots going at once. If one set of lights is tied up on a set waiting for approval then we can leap ahead and begin setting up the next shot. Most often we’re in constant motion. Working with a good team means someone is always working ahead, problem solving the next shot and getting things set up and ready.

I do think a good photographer can make excellent photographs without having the latest, greatest photo equipment. But after doing this for 20+ years I’ve developed opinions on what I like to have on location and admittedly have personal preferences for everything from batteries to power cords to light stands (most professional photographers do).

Readers often ask about photo gear and what we’ve found that works well. Rather than write a complete book on what’s in this photo I thought it would be interesting to show the overall shot and then week by week dive into some of the different bags. Every Thursday for the next few weeks I’ll touch upon how certain items help us do what we do at Daylight Photo. Even if you’re not a professional location photographer you may find an interesting tip or two.

Today, let’s look at the overall location kit, just to get a feel for what we have on hand in the field. In future installments we’ll get into specifics / brands of the items:

**For your convenience, here’s a downloadable pdf page of the above photo with this list**

A. Camera bag, 2 DSLR bodies, lenses, radio remotes, camera batteries, memory cards, filters, usb cords for tethering

B. 2 small portable strobes for hard to reach placements, batteries, slaves, cords

C. various size light stands, tripods, various softboxes

D. laptop stand platform

E. 2 laptop computers

F. 3 folding reflectors

G. 2 Calumet Travelite strobes with Travel Pak battery pack

H. rolling case with power cords, adapters and various clamps

I. folding aluminum frames with various fabric / reflector covers

J. rolling case / grip kit with tools, tape rolls and cleaning supplies

K. padded, rolling strobe case with 4 strobes (Calumet Travelite, Calumet Genesis or White Lightning), reflectors, grids, cords, umbrellas

L. Four wheeled dolly (invaluable!)

M. Bag of large white and black fabrics

With this equipment we can create light, block light and tackle most anything we encounter on the average location job. Next week: a closer look at some items of interest…

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