new site design

Here it is, the new site design, I hope it works well for everyone! There are a lot of things I like about it and just a few things that I’d like to tweak further. It’s definitely a work in progress and I’ll continue to refine what I can.

It seems fairly easy to present new information on a blog, the most recent posts generally appear at the top of a front page. One of the things I hope to accomplish with this design is to make the categories and older posts more accessible. So this is the first test of the new design.

I’m actually rushing to get this out because power is spotty here in Cincinnati tonight. Wind has knocked power out over half of the city and we’re being told to stay inside because of downed power lines and trees blocking streets. I’ve seen some real disasters this afternoon and cleanup will take awhile. Fortunately, my trees are still standing. Tomorrow has an early call time, we’re shooting long days every day for one of our good clients. Hopefully we’ll be able to make it there in the a.m.!