the Ansel Mt. Adams camera car

photo copyright 2008 Dave Wendt

What do you get by mixing equal amounts of DIY-crazy photographers and The Monster Garage? The Ansel Mt. Adams racer, of course (named after the great photographer, Ansel Adams, and Cincinnati’s historic Mt. Adams area). This is a just for fun, lighthearted look at a 1930′s view camera that’s been converted to a working soap box derby race car.

I’m fortunate to be a member of the Ohio Valley Chapter of the ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers), a diverse group of professional photographers from all sorts of specialties. This 2008 Red Bull Soap Box Derby entry was the brain child of member Wilbur Montgomery (featured in the video interview below), a jovial character that typifies the fun nature of the group. Wilbur pulled this vintage camera out of mothballs, rounded up a few of his closest friends and team Ansel Mt. Adams was born. Noted automotive photographer Dave Wendt lent his skills to capture the beauty of the completed camera car in the accompanying photo (that’s the Cincinnati skyline in the background).

Along with chapter president Joe Harrison, I’m now working on a documentary video to chronicle the team’s journey to the finish line. Dozens of chapter members attended the crowded event and have provided video and still photographs, so this has been really fun to work on. The completed video is slated to appear at our Best Damn Photoshop Workshop #5 on November 6th, here in Cincinnati. Until then we have this short video to offer, an interview with Wilbur that explains a little background and sets the stage…with maybe just a bit of extra drama thrown in. Isn’t editing great? Here’s the teaser:

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