inside the new photo studio


In December I promised a look at the new photo studio when there was something to see – here it is! We’re really happy with the new, downsized digs and it’s probably 90% complete. The new studio is where my time has been going, along with the photo a day project. Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with comments here on prophotolife and the follow up to my prior post. I hope to have a day this weekend to pull those things together.


Our approach for the studio move was to pitch (or donate) about 75% of what we’ve accumulated over the years and concentrate on simplification. So far it seems like a smart move. The most visible benefits are that our expenses and daily commutes are only a third of what they were before. We’re also estimating a couple of sizeable jobs that will all be done on location and the creative atmosphere of the building is a benefit. The pieces are fitting together in the way that we’d hoped, so far. Given the economy and the typically slow month of January, we’re in the best “new year” position we’ve seen in recent years. And have I mentioned enough how much I’ve wanted a natural light shooting space?


Being leaner and more efficient should also create more time for growing the business and require less time just trying to keep up with overhead. We’re brainstorming ways to further integrate still photography, video and our problem solving capabilities to advertise our rather unique abilities.


And, for anyone that’s interested, the dining room table, chairs, coffee table, overhead lamp and counter top were all from the local IKEA and were relatively affordable. We already had the other elements: leather couch from my basement, office furniture, wall photos and base cabinets. The only thing left is to get some new images up and add a few more bits of personality.