guest video: lighting a room with David Tejada

As mentioned in last Friday’s post, I’m busy creating a handful of new videos for coming weeks so this is a rare Monday without a new prophotolife vid. But Monday deserves a video so here’s a good one from one of the masters: well known annual report photographer David Tejada. I really like his use of a strobe shooting through the diffused window, it allows David to set up overall lighting for the scene and then he’s free to shoot from various angles. It’s a real trick to create interesting, directional lighting that works from most anywhere in the room.

Subscribers view the video here:

If you’re not yet familiar with his videos, David has a whole bunch of informative, original videos available on his blog. Lots of cool stuff and problem solving! He also shares his lighting skills through the Small Strobes Big Results workshops.

I remember when lighting instruction could only be found on VHS tapes (if you could find them) and it wasn’t that long ago. Times have changed immensely. Feel free to post any other links to your favorite instructional videos below, it’s always cool to see recommendations.