guest video: calling for backup

It’s Monday…where’s the original video? The plan was in place for shooting this weekend and a model all lined up. Then an old, forgotten back injury came to revisit on Saturday morning and it’s taken me off of my feet for the weekend. A visit to the chiropractor today should get everything back in place (literally) but it’s left me calling for backup to get through video Monday.

Everything happens for a reason and it’s given me time to cruise around the ‘net, looking at some interesting videos from other sources. Here are three very different video links for inspiration / consideration:


The New Jersey Star-Ledger newspaper put together this stop motion sports video that I found interesting. It’s a series of still photo bursts stitched together as a video. I understand that some SLRs can do this right in the camera, including an entry level model like the D60. Not still photography, not video…but I want to try it! I think it might look interesting using slow shutter speeds sometimes, adding blur to the image series.


The last time I needed a guest video I turned to David Tejada. He happens to have an existing video that complements the tethered capture video we ran last week here on prophotolife. David shows how to connect your DSLR to a portable compact DVD player screen for review. If you haven’t seen it, it’s very cool.

(3) MODEL POSING 101 (2:21)

This video was created for models (not photographers) by the massive Ford Model Agency. I held back a few chuckles, especially when the ultra-thin supermodel showed how to look even ultra-thinner. But the tips are sound, translate well to any model and could be useful to beginners.

I hope there’s something of interest here. We’re shooting all day Tuesday and Thursday so hopefully I can get everything “back” in place and returned to normal today!