episode 28, intro to digital photography color management

video episode 28

video episode 28

I’m often asked, “how do I calibrate my monitor”? What exactly is color management and what are the benefits? The implementation of a good color management system will help you get consistent results when viewing your photos on-screen and when printing them. While implementing color management isn’t critical for the hobbyist, it sure can be nice to make prints that look the image on your monitor.

I’ll be honest, color management was a difficult concept for me to grasp in the beginning. In this video I’d like to share the very non-technical explanation I’ve used to personally understand it. Hopefully it will remove a little of the mystery and encourage you to explore the further, more technical details. With a little understanding and the right tools (like the Eye-One Display 2 Monitor Calibrator) you can become your own professional monitor calibration service.

As mentioned in the video, the place to find technical specifications is UPDIG.ORG (Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines). You will also find more information in my earlier post: studio color management system.

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