assisting – passion

When we meet a new, beginning photo assistant for the first time they generally fall into one of two categories: passionate about photography or not-so-passionate. If you convey that photography is what you are meant to be doing, who you…

assisting – initial contact

My studio constantly receives phone calls and emails from people wanting to work for us. The people we hear from are all over the board, from hobbyists who think it would be interesting to see how a studio works to…

assisting – looking for work

If you are breaking into photo assisting then you will need to follow the opportunities. Cincinnati (where my studio, Daylight Photo, is located) has a large number of photo studios ranging from wedding and portrait to commercial and advertising specialists….

freelance photo assisting

Most every successful photographer agrees that time spent photo assisting is a necessary and valuable step in a photographers career. By assisting already established photographers you can learn how workflows, lighting techniques and client relations work in the real world….