Calumet Genesis light kit

Are you looking for an entry level studio strobe lighting kit that is simple to use and simply works? It’s hard to beat the value of the Calumet Genesis 200 2-Light Kit from Calumet Photo.

It was affordability that first attracted me to the Calumet Genesis studio strobe units. When I first began the studio lighting videos on prophotolife I purchased a Genesis 200 1-light kit because it fit a few attractive criteria:

1. I wanted to illustrate lighting techniques using quality photo studio lighting equipment that was accessible and affordable to most readers. The price of the Genesis units is very attractive. The Genesis 200 1-Light Kit currently comes complete with strobe, lamps, reflector, 10′ light stand, reversible umbrella and cords for just $229.99, complete. The Genesis 200 2-Light Kit, at $399.99, gives you twice as much for less than twice the price. Not much else comes close in terms of price, certainly nothing I know of with this level of quality and support.
2. Prophotolife has readers all over the globe and Calumet Photographic provides quality service through 29 locations worldwide (10 in the U.S.). They are perhaps best known for their strong online and catalog business. I find this product attractive because both sales and support are widely available to most all prophotolife readers.
3. Many readers have inquired about setting up a home studio and, since Calumet has long been an affiliate sponsor of prophotolife, I felt I should become familiar with the Genesis light units. In the spirit of full disclosure, if you make a purchase from Calumet (or any prophotolife affiliate sponsor) using a link on this page or elsewhere on the site, a small percentage of that sale comes back to prophotolife. That’s how we’ve paid for the creation and hosting of the free video and written content on this site and we sincerely appreciate your support.

Since purchasing the first Genesis strobe kit many of the lighting videos on prophotolife have been illustrated using the Calumet Genesis 200 lighting kit and, later, a Genesis 400 kit that was loaned to us by Calumet for testing. For a home studio setup I think they are great units at a very affordable price. I think these strobes are ideal if:

1. You have a modest budget and want to set up your own home studio
2. You want to start inexpensively with the ability to expand the system affordably
3. You want a lighting system that is relatively simple to use and simply works
4. You want to purchase from a retailer that has been serving photographers for many years

There are a myriad of other choices out there for photo studio lighting equipment, but few high quality kits at this entry level price point. If you’re looking to start a home studio inexpensively with well-made equipment and quality company support, the Genesis light kits provide a very attractive option.

For more information on the Genesis studio strobes (and all of your other photo needs), Shop for Photo Products at

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