atn 33: online galleries for photographers

Today’s around the ‘net is jam-packed with links to web solutions for photographers and an interesting Harry Benson interview.

The first mention I’d like to make is the beautifully presented website of Maria Angela Photography. Maria left a comment and I followed the link to her site and was really impressed. The home page automatically filled the screen and the whole experience was professional. Sometimes Flash sites seem bulky and slow but the Flash effects loaded quickly and effortlessly, adding up to a notable website experience for potential clients.

Are you planning to upgrade your web presence? Many photographers favor going with one of the high quality all-in-one template / hosting services. You’ll have access to multiple template designs, web hosting and customer support. Here are some links if you’re in the market and interested in a little comparison shopping of online galleries for photographers:

big folio – our studio used big folio for a peripheral project and were very pleased

BluDomain – a favorite of many wedding and portrait photographers

Live Books – popular among commercial / advertising photographers

Speaking of Live Books, they have a series of online video interviews with talented photographers. The most recent is this interview with famed photojournalist Harry Benson. One note: for some reason, the video didn’t want to play until I updated to Adobe Flash Player 10 (but that only took a couple of minutes).

A great quote from Benson in the video, on photojournalism: “A good photograph can’t be duplicated, it cannot happen again. It’s over. It’s a moment in life, in history…”

If you’re cool with hosting your own site, programs like Photoshop CS4 and Lightroom 2 can generate a variety of online galleries for photographers (free trial downloads from Adobe let you “try before you buy”). If you don’t have such a product you can use something like the Flash gallery freeware called (imagine this) “Flash Gallery”. I haven’t tried it personally yet but the demos look intriguing. A Google search on photo gallery software turned up a bunch of options, many of them freeware.

If you have any additional info on webgallery suggestions or what’s working for you, don’t hesitate to post a comment. From time to time I’m asked about professional photography website design services so let me know if you have any recommendations.

Another week down…the studio is still a mess of boxes because we’re tied up with post-production. It looks like December will be quieter on the shooting front, though, which should allow us to get things sorted. Tomorrow we’ll head to IKEA to pick up a couple of things and it should start looking like a studio (and not a storage space) soon.

Have a good weekend and see you next week,
- Jim T.