atn 31: photo gear project and business link bonanza

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Though we all enjoy discussing photography, I admit there’s something I do like better: actually taking photographs. That’s why I’m pleased to be a part of’s latest project titled “Something New – A Photography Project“.

Udi at is always sharing great DIY tips and ideas to bring photographers together and he has a wonderful concept here. There are many aspects to the project and they all have to do with sharing and learning, both photo equipment and ideas. Photographers worldwide are encouraged to pair up with another local photographer to share a piece of photo equipment (which can be anything…a dslr, lens, strobe, tripod, you name it). Then the photographers will join each other on a shoot and write a review on what they’ve had an opportunity to try. And, of course, we want to see the photos!

Complete details are available at, including info on the prizes offered. The sponsor of the project,, will be providing three prizes in the form of free two-week rentals on camera bodies and lenses of the winners choice. It’s a great opportunity to handle some nice photo equipment you might be interested in trying out. Udi and I will be joined by Brian Auer from Epic Edits Weblog to do the judging.

In response to recent photo biz questions I’d like to point out some really informative links. These are for everyone interested in photography as a business:

The ASMP has a wealth of free information in their business articles section, starting with Business Tips for the Freelance Photographer through Crafting a Marketing Strategy to Delivering Great Customer Service. If you check out any of those articles you’ll find links to even more info on the website. I have to say I’m proud to be a part of the organization and the fact that they freely give away this knowledge in order to elevate the standards of all photographers. Good stuff.

In direct response to a question on model releases and what they should read, I’ll mention that our studio uses the adult, minor and property releases provided by the ASMP. Again, this particular info is accessible by anyone. Members do get additional access to even more detailed info but there’s heaps there for anyone to browse.

And, lastly in the business category, one of our former photo assistants has started their own business and we were talking about taxes today. I recently discovered that the IRS has an extensive collection of educational videos for small business startups and owners. Where better to get the information than straight from the source? I especially liked the title of “how to set up and run your business so paying taxes isn’t a hassle”. Many prophotolife readers may find “what you need to know when you run your business out of your home” helpful. I’ll note that clicking on the video titles didn’t get them to play for me, I had to use the “download” option and then all was well.

We’re moving Daylight Photo to our new location over the next few days, the boxes are packed and strewn all about. Throw in seven hours of video tape that needs edited, a few days out of town for Thanksgiving and it’s safe to say I’m not likely to get bored any time soon! Before long I’ll be able to show you the new place, something I’m looking forward to.

That’s it for this week. I hope you have a good weekend and I’ll see you on Monday…

- Jim T.