atn 30: two videos from TED, photo club listings

Two inspirational videos from TED

Every so often I come across an online video that is truly exceptional. This TED presentation by David Griffin called “Photography connects us with the world” is one those videos. Griffin is the director of National Geographic magazine and, as such, he’s extremely qualified to discuss the storytelling power of photographs. It’s definitely worth a watch for anyone interested in photo stories.

The next vid is also from TED, this one from well-known nature photographer Frans Lanting (National Geographic, Audobon, Time). He takes nature photo stories one step further by telling the tale of our planet’s evolution through photographs. Starting at the beginning of time through to the present, Lanting tackles a monumental subject in a creative way: telling the story of life itself. The photographer devoted five years to the project and it has me thinking of photo story subjects in a very different way.

The Big Photo List

The attached photo is from our every-other-month ASMP pints ‘n’ pixels meeting. Daylight Photo hosted this month’s meeting once again, the last such hurrah in our current studio. In a couple of weeks we’ll be in our new space and a new chapter will begin. The reason I wanted to share this group photo is because it shows something great about organizations like ASMP. There in the back row you’ll find the national ASMP President, Todd Joyce, standing alongside first-time attendee (and faithful prophotolife reader) Noah Hutson. Everyone is there to learn from each other and keep the fun spirit of photography alive: photographers helping photographers.

You may not have professional aspirations but would still like to share your photo passion with others. You say there’s no camera club in your area? Maybe there is…have you checked out the worldwide Big Photo Club and Photo Organization Listing? The website look is definitely old school but the amount of collected information is staggering. Big props to the volunteers putting it all together.

Time to wrap up and turn my attention back to packing the studio for the move. The new, smaller space means simplification and shedding excess, something we’re looking forward to. And, hey, we’re downsizing from 9 computers to 5! I know, I know, it probably sounds ridiculous…but it’s a start. Have good weekend and I’ll see you on Monday…

- Jim T.