assisting – photographic ability

When you interview with a photographer about freelance assisting it is customary to bring a portfolio. That lets the photographer better understand your particular interests and level of accomplishment. Earlier we talked about displaying professionalism and passion. These qualities should be obvious in your portfolio. You will score bonus points for being neatly organized and having a uniform presentation. Make sure that the bulk of your presentation is uniformly formatted (in a leather portfolio book or mounted on individual, same-sized boards). It’s perfectly fine (by my standards) to have a few random printed pieces to hand out at the end but make sure the majority of the presentation is uniform.

What about electronic portfolios on a cd or dvd? Those are perfectly fine, too. It might be possible to score even more bonus points with prints, though. Seeing images enlarged to print size shows us your attention to detail and ability to see color. These are harder to determine in a slideshow on a computer screen.

If it sounds as if we’re going to scrutinize your work, yes, we are going to look pretty closely. But we’re not going to pass any harsh criticism. Remember the list of three main things we look for when a potential new assistant calls: professionalism, passion and photographic ability. Why is photographic ability listed last? To put it simply, we are hiring you to be a freelance assistant, we are not hiring you to be a photographer. If you are professional and passionate about assisting then I don’t feel you should be judged as if you are a photographer just yet. What we are really looking for at this point is potential and a desire and willingness to learn.

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