around the net, volume 14: copyright, links, movies about photographers and a photo a day

Definitive copyright info

I just watched a couple of very informative videos on Photoshop Insider: Scott Kelby’s exclusive interview with Attorney Ed Greenberg on copyright, model releases and shooting in public. Many of the questions posed by prophotolife readers regarding legal issues (can I photograph that building? do I need a model release? how do I protect copyright?) are answered here in Scott’s videos, all in easy to understand language. Mr. Greenberg starts with a funny (and very accurate) statement, “photographers insist, when they have a legal problem, on asking other photographers for legal advice rather than asking an attorney”. Here’s your chance to hear the answers straight from a knowledgeable attorney.

Great source of photo links

Digital Photography School just published a current 25 Great Links and Tutorials from Around the Web. I was attracted to a couple of links in particular and found a few sites I wasn’t familiar with. I’m confident there’s something of interest here for everyone.

Movies (dramas/mysteries) about photographers

For some reason I was thinking about movies centered around photographers today. Not the many great documentaries out there but some fiction, dramas and mysteries. It’s summer here in the northern hemisphere and my movie watching time seems more confined to the winter months, but I wanted to write down what surfaced during my after work bike ride, while it was fresh to memory. With a little help from the International Movie Database (imdb) I came up with this info. Around December I’ll remind myself with a link back to here:

Blowup (1966) – a mod fashion photographer in mid-1960s London believes he’s photographed a murder after developing his negatives shot in a park. He then sets about solving the crime. I seem to recollect the main character was inspired by fashion photographer David Bailey (?). Directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, this film provides a great ‘snapshot’ of the once ultra-cool, freewheeling fashion photography world of the ‘60s. Once considered a must-see for all photographers.

Rear Window (1955) - acclaimed director Alfred Hitchcock and actors Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly star in this thriller about a wheelchair bound photojournalist who broke his leg while photographing an auto race. Impatiently stuck at his rear window he believes he may have (did you guess it yet?) witnessed a murder through the lens of his camera. Nominated for four Oscars and starring these great talents…what more can I say?

The Public Eye (1992) – Joe Pesci stars as “The Great Bernzini”, a 1940s New York City crime photographer based on the life of Arthur “Weegee” Fellig (if you liked the link to period photographs in the Farm Security Administration post earlier in the week, I’m sure you’ll like the work of Weegee). I’m embarrassed I haven’t seen this movie because it was partially shot here in Cincinnati and some local friends worked on the production. Okay, I need to check the library for this one

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (2006) – Director: Steven Shainberg (oops, not Spielberg, as I’d originally written -thanks, Harly), Lead Actor: Nicole Kidman, fictional portrayal of famed photographer Diane Arbus. There’s a lot there to like, right off the bat, those are some big names. But of the few people I know that saw the movie there were no raves. I like documentaries. I like dramas. This falls somewhere in between…? And the imdb database says something about Arbus (Kidman) falling in love with Robert Downey, Jr.’s, character, who has “werewolf syndrome”. I’m not compelled to check this one out. Has anyone here seen it?

Time for a project

After reading my own advice this past week, it’s time to start a new personal photo project. The trick is making it all fit: running a (currently extremely) busy photo studio, a busy website (you’re looking at it), trying to enjoy a bit of summer and then adding a personal photo project on top of that. Hmmm, how to do that? Well, if I make the project part of the website then that covers a couple of bases. So I’ll chronicle whatever project it is, right here.

All I know right now is that it will be during the month of August and will somehow be based around the photo-a-day concept. Any suggestions? Once I get it figured out I’ll be sure to let you know. And anyone / everyone is welcome to join in…it’s not a party unless everyone is invited.

Have a great weekend, I’ll see you on Monday with a new video!

- Jim T.