around the net: volume 11, inspirational photographs and film vs. digital

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There’s plenty of inspirational photography on the internet. Though I’m a commercial photographer, artistic images (rather than commercial images) usually catch my eye. But every once in awhile a collection of commercial photographs may make me stop, think, and aspire to reach a higher level. Such was the case when I first viewed Philip Nealey’s flawless retouching portfolio. Philip is a professional photographer and digital imaging expert with impressive credentials. I recommend checking out his blog, unsharpmasked, for the well written tutorials and editorials.

Another really nice portfolio site belongs to fellow Cincinnatian, Sasha Maslov. The site is simple, the photography beautiful and I like the way he has the images arranged with no thumbnails being needed. Sasha moved from Ukraine to Cincinnati in 2007 and is pursuing advertising and editorial work here.

Of the many posts on prophotolife, 5 things I really miss about film remains one of the most popular. Film suffered a rapid decline in popularity a few years ago but it seems to be picking up again, particularly among photographers that started out shooting digital. There’s some curiosity, it seems, about what the whole film thing is like. This evolution (devolution?) has led to the interesting analog (film) vs. digital podcast over on PhotoNetCast (episode #6). You’ll also find a nice collection of related links to accompany the ‘cast.

If yesterday’s video inspired you to create a clean white background for portraits, you’ll be interested in this discussion forum entry from zepper_7. He points out a great tutorial link for a DIY white background setup that’s well worth a look. And if you’re interested in the Genesis strobe units I’ve been using in the videos then there’s this thread with reviews. There are plenty of sites that do great equipment reviews and prophotolife tends to post more on technique. The forums present an opportunity carry on the more equipment-specific conversations.

As always, there will be a new, original video on Monday. If you haven’t see all 20 videos yet you can always pick one in the video library to hold you over. I’ve been posting a “coming on Monday” preview during the weekends but I’ll give your RSS feed a rest this weekend and just surprise you on Monday. See you then!

- Jim T.

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