around the net 26: links to photo inspiration

Today’s around the ‘net is a search for photo inspiration. I’ve been looking for interesting photos and bookmarking a few sites, creating an online scrapbook to help think about possible new approaches to my own personal photography. I thought it might be interesting to share a few of these interesting finds:

This image on the J.R. Photoblog has a really nice treatment. The photo edges are framed and vignetted to black, an effect I really like for the right subject. An even cooler thing is that J.R. placed the photograph on a black page, which helps it float in an ethereal way. This has me thinking about interesting ways to present photos online, possibly working to help them merge and integrate into the web pages / backgrounds somehow.

Paolo Micheli is undoubtedly a master of HDR photography and that alone should recommend Looking further I really like the simulated mat and signature around each presented photo. An image that especially caught my attention is this mysterious image incorporating a reflection of some sort. It has a cubist quality and has me thinking about possible ways to create cubist photographs.

This recent image on Kenny Weng’s moodaholic has a very cinematic quality (as does all of his work). It inspired me to think in a few different ways. The image is largely chromatic but uses an obvious splash of color in the lower right. This is a wonderful use of color. The wide format (is it 16:9?) is also a refreshing change to the standard SLR formats and lends a cinematic quality. I want to start thinking more in terms of different image formats from 16:9 to square instead of my usual “no cropping of an image” for personal work.

I’ve also searched for ways to recreate vintage photographs and am on to something I’m excited about. Pictured is a low-budget Chinese 120 camera called a Great Wall (better camera images here) that I picked up without a lens. When I find really inexpensive single element lenses (a fancy phrase for a magnifying glass) I pick them up for possible DIY camera projects. Pictured here (pardon the late night snapshot) are a set of eye loupes, all of differing focal lengths, from the local Harbor Freight Tool store. Five loupes for just $2.99! These loupes have tons of potential as misty, dreamy, single-element lenses! Now to figure out how to adapt them to this camera and my DSLR.

Shifting gears a bit: if you’re working on your photo business over the weekend you might find inspiration from The Wedding Photographer’s Guide to Blogging posted on PDN Online, it‘s a good read.

And if you’re working on your photos this weekend I’ll mention that Adobe is now shipping CS4. If you want to give it a test run (or try out any Adobe software, for that matter) you can always download a free 30 day trial from Adobe worldwide or the Adobe Europe Store.

Well, it finally feels like autumn here in the Midwest and it feels good…it’s football weather! Take care and I’ll see you next week…

- Jim T.