around the net 23, LIFE Magazine

* I mountain bike nearby at East Fork Lake when possible. A trip to the beach is always in order and so is picking up trash, doing my part to keep the beach clean. Last week I took along my point’n'shoot, making compositions of the trash and found objects. Photography can make a person do crazy things…

This week’s “around the ‘net” starts with a hearty thanks…to you, the reader. Prophotolife has never been just about technique, or just about equipment or just about the photo business. It’s a dialogue on a little bit of everything about photography, whatever I’ve managed to muster on any given day. I’m grateful that so many readers have chosen to follow along with the bouncing ball of wide-ranging photo topics.

What I’m especially thankful for, though, is the QUALITY of readers here. I’m continually impressed by the intelligent observations shared and your willingness to help one another. In case I haven’t mentioned it lately, thanks again for being a part of prophotolife.

Would you like to market and sell your own editorial photography / photo stories, all while retaining control of the images? Digital Railroad appears to be a top choice among professionals. One motivated user, Borut Peterlin, created his own video review of their services after one year. No, he isn’t rolling in sales but remains positive about the services. It’s always nice to hear about someone’s firsthand experience.

A month ago my head was spinning from work but things are back to being quite manageable. Now my head is spinning from all the new cameras coming out of Photokina. I’ll mention just one: the new Leica SL2 (full info at 1001 Noisy Cameras). If you’re a newbie unfamiliar with the Leica name, well, in the days of film cameras it was the pinnacle of fine German craftsmanship (didn’t the factory, Leitz Weztlar, invent the 35mm camera?).

After taking a thorough digital beating from the Japanese in recent years, Leica just announced the 37 megapixel SL2, a massive 30 x 45mm (larger than full-frame 35mm) sensor in a 35mm sized body. Good on ya, Leica! Of course the price will probably choke a horse (yet to be announced) but it’s good to see them setting trends once again, rather than fighting to keep up.

Are you familiar with LIFE Magazine? It was the first all-photojournalism news magazine of the mid-twentieth century. The pages were filled with the work of famous photographers and many careers were launched. LIFE Magazine is staging it’s fourth-ever comeback but this time it will be (in a joint effort with Getty Images) as a “Web site offering free, downloadable photos from world-renowned photographers“.

The New York Post reports: “Only consumers who use the images for non-commercial purposes will be permitted to tap into the photos, which will include 3,000 new downloads from Getty plus the extensive archives from both Getty and the original Life magazine.”

It’s a very interesting development because Getty makes their money from licensing images (Getty Images, iStockphoto, the Flickr partnership, etc.). Now they’re giving free image licenses to a multitude of photographs for non-commercial use. The “book” on photo usage in the internet age is still being written.

It’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend here in Cincinnati, the first weekend of fall. (sounds like more biking and trash photography should be on the schedule). I’ll also be putting together Monday’s video when time allows…have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week!

- Jim T.