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I thought this post could use a random photo...

I thought this post could use a random photo...

I’m behind on some news after taking last week off, most notably updates on two very fun online photo projects. Last week Udi at announced part one of the winners of the Portrait Professional 8 Giveaway, judged from numerous portrait entries from around the globe. This week the winners of the portrait tips classification were rolled out and what a wonderful collection of portrait shooting ideas (15 in all). These tips are useful for portrait photographers of all skill levels.

Just a couple of days ago Brian at Epic Edits Weblog published the results of the very successful $50 Film Camera project. In all, 80 cameras under $50 were reviewed, creating a rich review database of inexpensive cameras for enthusiasts to peruse. I spent a few hours the other night digging through photo memories while looking at the wide variety of camera and photo submissions.

With all of the new camera talk swirling about how can we not at least mention the new Canon 5D Mark II? 21 megapixels (or “megsa-pickles” as my tongue-tied friend Bobby C. says), full 1080 HD video and a 25,600 top ISO. It appears the camera will be selling near the same price point as the original 5D started out, around $2699. Though the rumors pretty much forecasted the camera’s features it still amazes me that we’ve come this far with DSLRs in such a short time. If you’re interested in pre-ordering any of the newly announced cameras you can always Shop Calumet Photographic – It’s Where the Pros Go.

After receiving dozens of requests for info on how to shoot with a DSLR tethered to a computer (like in the prophotolife videos), I finally realized I should do a video on the subject. Sometimes I need a visit from “Mr. Obvious” to figure things out! Expect that video this coming Monday, when we’ll walk through the steps and show some of the advantages to this type of setup.

In our discussions of how to make money with photography, PhotoShelter has been mentioned more than a few times. For the uninitiated, the company started as a photo storage / sharing site (the PhotoShelter Personal Archive) and about a year ago they started the PhotoShelter Collection, a photo stock agency created with the best interests of photographers in mind.

...random photo #2

...random photo #2

Unfortunately, the PhotoShelter Collection was forced to discontinue services recently (though the core PhotoShelter Personal Archive business remains). Growth simply didn’t happen fast enough to continue and they were a David among stock agency Goliaths (Getty and their various holdings, in particular). The agency was created for photographers by photographers and the sincerity of their mission (sharing a bigger split of the profits with photographers) was obvious. It was easy to be “pulling” for the PhotoShelter Collection to succeed because they were “just like us”. It’s a shame (but understandable) that they had to redirect their efforts

On a more postitive note, last week my photo studio hosted our ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) chapter’s bi-monthly “Pints ‘n’ Pixels” get-together. That evening thirty five area professional photographers showed up at Daylight Photo to share images and stories! Our Ohio Valley Chapter is going strong and the organization is growing.

Check out what just our chapter is collectively doing and, if you’re an aspiring or current pro, take note and please consider joining in the fun with a local photo organization:

Yes, running a photo business can be challenging and the economy is admittedly tightening, but we’re also growing as photographers and having a great deal of fun. No matter where you are or what your skill level is, photography should be (first and foremost) fun.

Let’s all get out and shoot this weekend (if the weather is nice on Sunday I’ll reshoot the “film vs. digital” shootout) and I’ll see you with another new video on Monday. Have a great weekend…

- Jim T.