around the net 20 , red hot DSLR wars

The SLR wars are blazing. First, the Canon 50d and it’s 15.1 mega pixel sensor was introduced earlier this week. The next day Nikon’s 12.3 mega pixel D90 with groundbreaking HD movie mode was introduced. The internet is awash in information on these two new cameras. And there’s also talk of Canon introducing a 5D mkII with 21 mega pixel sensor and full HD movie mode. Things are moving fast all of a sudden, in anticipation of the Photokina 2008 trade show in Cologne, Germany.

I have a whole bunch of thoughts on each camera and we’ve been discussing gear a bit more often here prophotolife. Here are some great posts that communicate much of what I’ve been pondering:

1. How will the new movie making capabilities of the Nikon D90 affect the future of digital SLRs? Well, this DSLR shows the way the industry is changing, not just with the features of the product but also in the way it was released. David Hobby at the Strobist presents a bunch of info and a thought provoking editorial on the D90 release.

2. I had never visited until today and I really like their concise but informative posts. The one that first attracted me was titled Groupies and the D90, where they point out finding 641 indexed sites mentioning the Nikon D90 just 4 hours after the camera’s announcement. Hmmm, does that qualify as hysteria?

3. With Canon releasing excellent $1400 cameras like the new 50d, is there a still a need for an $8000 1Ds mkIII, even for professionals? Mike Fox, professional photojournalist, shares his perspective in STOP THE MADNESS!!! (thoughts on camera gear).

Add in the cool lenses being released: the Canon 18-200mm f3.5-5.6 IS and the Nikon 18-105mm f3.5-5.6 VR and you have a big week in photography. The top photo suppliers are already buzzing with pre-orders for these new goodies, including prophotolife site affiliate Calumet (get Free Shipping Over $75 at Calumet Photographic).

Macbook, Macbook Pro, iMac and iPod Sale!

Nikon has come on really strong in the last year, closing the gap on Canon with stellar releases like the D300, D3, D700 and now the D80. And look here, they’re also now partnering with Microsoft, whose Photosynth technology we discussed earlier in the week. Expect more new technology from this partnership.

Olympus, Pentax and Sony have yet to leak info on their new models for next month’s Photokina but I hope they’re able to make a great leap forward to keep up with the “big 2”. It will be interesting to see what they present.

Monday is a national holiday here in the U.S. but count on a new video being posted for your enjoyment, the third in the portrait series. I’m actually taking a much needed and long overdue vacation from the studio next week (hours have been long) but I’ll be posting to prophotolife, as usual, maybe from the road on a little trip. We’ll see. Sooner or later I’ll work in a little vacation from blogging, too, but one step at a time…

Have a great weekend, see you on Monday!

- Jim T.