around the net 19 (hey john, it’s friday)

First, a couple of quick links that may be of interest:

The biggest news in photography I can think of…the biggest news in photography in a long timequite some time…is the Worldwide Photo Walk being held this weekend. Scott Kelby (event creator and organizer) reported yesterday that over 7,000 photographers have signed up for the walks being held in what must be at least 100 cities. I’ll be at the Walk here in Cincinnati being led by David Ziser. The course will be beautiful, starting at Fountain Square in the heart of downtown and crossing the Ohio River into Northern Kentucky. In his Wednesday post on Digital Pro Talk, David spoke with Master Photo Walker Jeff Revell (the man who inspired Scott Kelby to create this worldwide event) for a little background information on the origins of Photo Walking.

The comments have been lively this week with many great suggestions (lots of feedback for “how many megapixels”, especially). In addition to the faithful longtime readers (thanks always, you know who you are) there have been quite a few new voices. It turns out that, overall, we seem to be pretty happy with the megapixel count of current cameras but there are a number of suggestions for camera makers to consider regarding other features. Tom pointed out the importance of dynamic range and that’s something worth examining very soon (hey, Tom, be sure to send a link to your Photon Phil explanation on DR). Feeling technical? I’d recommend Norman Koren’s site for those interested in a thorough, in-depth examination of dynamic range and digital tonality.

Ee Focusing Screen with Black Mask Crop

Expanded dynamic range is probably number one on my personal camera wish list, followed by a big, bright viewfinder. And a square crop option in that viewfinder sure would be nice, too. Calumet stocks the Canon Ee Focusing Screen with Black Mask Crop for the 5D for 4×5 and square compositions, which is an interesting option.

Hey, that’s it for another week. If you’re in the northern hemisphere have you noticed the sun getting lower in the sky? I sure have…I guess it’s all part of being a photographer. I’ll see you Monday with another video (or maybe I’ll see you tomorrow if you’re going to the Cincinnati Photo Walk). Have a great weekend!

- Jim T.