around the net 18, funky cameras

Let’s start with a really fun website filled with funky, off-beat cameras: Alfred’s Camera Page. Alfred has a ton of information on vintage Russian cameras but also has a large non-Russian camera section on this very easy to use website. Back when I was chasing down Kiev cameras I’d always land on this site for the reviews. If you’re participating in the Epic Edits Weblog’s $50 film camera project this might generate creative ideas for purchasing a film camera. There’s also a very informative post on scanning film by Alfred.

I’ve been wandering around lately, looking for inspiration. One of the first photo blogs I discovered was Neutral Hills Stills, photographs taken in the Neutral Hills of Alberta, Canada, by commercial and nature photographer Sean D. McCormick. Beautiful and varied, I’ve spent quite a while viewing these inspirational images. Sean has a wonderful vision.

Now memories are flooding back from my old photoblog, thirty seven seconds. For a year or so while photo blogging I would also post to the weekly Photo Friday challenge. Every week a new thematic word is revealed on Friday and hundreds of photographers post links to their images along that theme. Want to see how many different photographers interpret the same word / idea / theme? Photo Friday is the place to be. Better yet, get on the list and join in.

There have also been a couple of great business posts this week I wanted to share. The first one is from Rob Haggart’s A Photo Editor: Can Editorial Photographers Make A Living Anymore? This post has a lengthy list of comments, some from names that will be recognizable to those in the industry. Some comments are positive on the current state of editorial photography earnings potential and some are negative. If you shoot for magazines or want to shoot for magazines this is a ringside seat to a very frank discussion on the state of the industry.

The other post I’d like to mention is David Ziser’s (of Digital Pro Talk) article on Managing the Business to Manage Your Profits. There are couple of great links here, one on managing employees and the other on networking. The networking tips are what really hit home with me as I read them. They provide sound advice on not only being successful in business, but tips that will make all of your pursuits more fulfilling by simply trying to do “the right thing”.

On Monday I’ll have a new location portrait video to share and hope to see you then. Have a great weekend!

- Jim T.