Whether you’re a photo student, amateur photographer or seasoned professional, I hope this blog holds value. You’ll find 200+ posts and over 30 instructional videos on topics ranging from photo techniques to the business of photography.

My name is Jim Talkington and I’ve made a living in photography for 20+ years. My career has wound its way through many facets of the profession: advertising, photojournalism, editorial, catalog, darkroom technician, retail photo sales, and writer. You name it, I’ve probably tried it.

After years of operating my own photo studio, I recently left self-employment and accepted a full-time position with one of my former clients, a professional arts organization. My new daily duties as the Director of New Media evolved directly from the work done to create this very website: prophotolife.com. I had no idea at the time I launched this website that the road would lead from self-employment to a full-time position at the convergence of photo, video, and the web, but it’s a very cool place to be.

Jim Talkington



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