a simple year long photo project

a year passes by

I’ve been writing quite a bit lately so today’s post is purposely short and simple. That doesn’t mean it was quick to create, though, it actually took about a year.

Over the course of a year I documented the twin Bradford Pear Trees in my front yard, following them through the seasons. Stepping outside my front door with a 24mm lens on a Nikon D70 “carry about” on the way to the studio, I would carefully place the center focusing spot on the house across the street to keep framing consistent.

The purpose? I like the old saying, “you don’t get the chicken out of the egg by breaking it, you have to wait for it to hatch”. Rather than always looking for the fast, easy way to do things, I often look for ways that reinforce discipline and the belief that patience is, indeed, a virtue. It’s my way of using photography to cope with a world accelerating ever faster.

Thank goodness for photography, it can be used in so many ways for so many purposes.